Richard Overton

Richard Overton, America’s oldest WWII Veteran had his identity stolen

Known as the oldest man in the United States, along with being the oldest surviving World War II veteran, Richard Overton has been known to credit his longevity to whiskey and cigars. At the age of 112, Overton has seen it all.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that Mr. Overton has had his identity stolen, leaving his bank account drained. Newsweek reported that the centenarian’s cousin Volma Overton discovered the status of the bank account in question when she was depositing money.

It is currently unknown how Richard Overton had his information stolen and the thief has not yet been identified. The incident certainly raises the issue of how vulnerable people actually are to identity theft.

Overton, who is the oldest living man in the United States, served in the South Pacific from 1940 – 1945. After serving in the U.S. Army, Overton moved to Texas and built a life for himself in Austin.

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