CLEARED HOT: Bucket bomb explodes on London train

5th terrorist attack in Britain since March, “bucket bomb” explodes on train, manhunt underway

Bucket bomb
Photo of the “bucket bomb” via The Sun

Currently, a manhunt is underway after a “bucket-bomb” exploded on a London train earlier this morning. The situation is being treated as a terrorist attack as at least 29 people have been hospitalized from the explosion. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May stated that the nations threat level was raised to “critical”, during an emergency cabinet meeting after the attack.

The explosion occurred at 8:20 in the morning on an eastbound train. As of now, “hundreds of detectives and MI5 are investigating the attack”, according to BBC news.

Image courtesy of BBC News

What is currently known:

  • An improvised explosive device detonated on a train during rush hour in London on Friday morning.
  • At least 29 people were hospitalized
  • A timer was found on the explosive device, signaling an “intent to cause greater damage”
  • Prime Minister Theresa May warns that another attack “may be imminent” after ISIS claimed responsibility for the bucket bomb.
  • Law enforcement currently has no suspect
  • The bucket bomb caused flash burns on many victims, including children
  • Police discovered that the homemade bucket bomb did not fully detonate
  • This is the fifth major terrorist attack on British land in the last six months

Through the Amaq News Agency, ISIS has claimed credit for the incident, citing that a splinter detachment of the terrorist group was responsible for carrying out the attack with a “bucket bomb.”

The Sun reported that the “device connected to a timer sent a ‘fireball down a carriage’ as it denotated with a schoolboy and pregnant woman among those injured in the rush-hour terror explosion.”

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