Companies That Hire Veterans

Companies that hire Veterans – Employers who value military experience

Whether you have been out of the service for a while, or you are currently about to transition into the 1st Civilian Division, there is no doubt that your time in the military instilled a unique experience, unattainable anywhere else. Luckily, there is no shortage of companies that hire veterans, employers actively seeking to hire vets do so because they know that a military veteran knows how to work under pressure and as a team.

Below, a list has been compiled to showcase some major companies looking to fill gaps in their workforce with the skills and experience a military veteran can bring.

Companies that hire veterans

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

One of the biggest banks in America, this company offers jobs all over the glove. With an entire recruiting team dedicated to hiring veterans, JPMorgan Chase & Co. seeks to bridge the gap between military and corporate culture in order to give veterans an opportunity to put their skills and experience to work.

You can check out their Veteran Jobs Mission program here.

General Mills

As one of the most ubiquitous names in the commercial food industry, General Mills has a mission to harness and retain the “unique skills and experiences of veterans.”

Offering positions around the country, this company has been recognized many times for creating a workplace where veterans “can thrive.”

The job listings can be found here.

BAE Systems

As a defence, security, and aerospace company, BAE has positions all over the world, and they love to hire veterans. With a program called “Camo to Corporate”, BAE is at the forefront of recruiting vets to augment their workforce by participating in career workshops annually, and even implementing a Military Skills Translator to help you find the right job match. For example, if you were an artillery mechanic in the Marine Corps, chances are you could land a job with BAE Systems, doing the same mechanical work on artillery cannons, for a lot more money.

BAE Systems also has the Warrior Integration Program to assist wounded warriors with career development, education, and employment.

You can read more about their veterans program and check out job listings here.

Goldman Sachs

If you’re a veteran who possesses a bachelor’s degree, along with an interest in financial markets, Goldman Sachs offers a paid internship called the Veterans Integration Program. Providing an opportunity to develop professional skills, while strengthening understanding of financial services and markets, this program seeks to prepare veterans for careers in the financial industry.

You can read more about Veterans Integration Program and view career opportunities with Goldman Sachs, here.

 Looking to further your education? Scholarships for Veterans is a list of great scholarship opportunities to help you get back into school.

Cintas Corporation

Cintas is a vastly recognized company that provides products ranging from first aid and safety all the way to restroom cleaning supplies.

Employing over 35,000 people, Cintas embraces veterans and wants to help vets succeed in a variety of positions. Offering careers from corporate to operations or service, Cintas has many roles that can put the skills of a veteran to good use.

Check out Cintas career opportunities on their website.

General Motors

As for companies that hire veterans go, General Motors has proven that their commitment to veterans is strong. Through multiple hiring initiatives, partnerships, and training programs, GM recognizes the unique perspective and work ethic brought to the table by former servicemen and women.

Positions are available all over the world, from Australia to Africa and Europe, veterans can find placement in a career suitable to their skill set. Check out their careers here.

ManTech International

With 46% of their workforce being comprised of former military, ManTech International is one of the top companies that hire veterans. Currently, ManTech is poised to hire even more veterans throughout 2017. Providing technology, telecommunications, defense, and aeronautics solutions, this company offers a wide range of careers that are a good fit for vets.

You can view positions available all over the world on their career site.

Booze Allen Hamilton

A company that was founded by a World War I veteran (Edwin G. Booz), this international consulting firm boasts a work force comprised of many people with a military background. Offering a variety of jobs from engineering, to management, Booz Allen is committed to helping veterans, military spouses, and reservists thrive. This company has it’s fingers in many markets, from transportation, to Defense & Intelligence, Booz Allen has a career to fit your skill set as a military veteran.

You can view their numerous openings here.


An international tech company that specializes in cyber-security, civil government, and defense solutions – Raytheon employs more than 10,000 military vets. With dedicated recruitment efforts and participation in over 30 career fairs on military bases each year, this company is actively targeting veterans to give their workforce a boost and bring in unique talent. Examples of the many fields this company offers positions in are:

  • Aerospace
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Systems and software
  • Quality Assurance
  • Bussiness
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain

Visit their career page to find the job that’s right for you.

Do you know of any companies that hire veterans? Have you ever worked for one of the companies listed? Let us know in the comments, we would like to hear from you!

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