Jonathan Smith

Meet Jonathan Smith, a hero who was wounded while trying to save people

Without getting into detail regarding the tragedy which occurred in Las Vegas recently, there is no shortage of accounts detailing the heroic deeds of others during chaos.

As for one of those heroes, 30 year old Jonathan Smith has been credited with saving many people, according to The Washington Post and various other sources.

Initially, the only intent Smith had was to get his nieces to safety. Once that was accomplished, he ignored every instinct telling him to stay where it was safe and instead, turned back into the fray to help who he could.

During the most frantic moments at the festival, Jonathan Smith risked his life to help get complete strangers to safety. Forming a human chain, he lead panic stricken concert goers to a large field occupied by several rows of vehicles, offering cover and concealment.

After noticing that a few young girls were not properly hidden, he moved toward them so he could “urge them to the ground”, and at that point a bullet struck him in the neck.

Many credit the man as being a hero, Smith stated he’s “just someone that just basically decided, you know what, I’ll put someone’s life before my own.”

While an exact number of people who Smith helped get to safety is not known, Heather Long of the Post attributed approximately 30 individuals to his deeds on Twitter. But in an interview Smith merely stated “I got a few people out of there.”

Regarding the wound he sustained, Smith said “I couldn’t feel anything in my neck. There was a warm sensation in my arm.”

Jonathan Believes an off duty police officer saved his life by trying to stop the bleeding from his wound and getting him to a hospital. When all was said and done, Smith would be leaving the hospital with a cracked rib and fractured collarbone, in addition to a bruised lung. Doctors are concerned that removing the bullet from his neck may cause more damage, so Smith may have to live with the bullet lodged in his neck for the rest of his life.

With a mountain of medical bills ahead of him, a GoFundMe page was established to help him cover the costs. Currently the goal of $7,000 has been far exceeded due to the generosity of many strangers.  A lot of credit can be attributed to reddit for helping this man get in the spotlight, because whether or not it was 5 people or 30 people, Jonathan Smith is a hero who has earned some recognition.

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