Fort Bragg

One Soldier killed, 7 injured in training accident

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

On Thursday, one soldier from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command was killed in a demolitions training exercise, the explosion injuring 7 others. ABC News reported that the soldier, Staff Sergeant Alexander P. Dalida was the soldier killed in the incident. 32 years old and from Massachusetts, he was in the Special Forces Qualification Course located at Fort Bragg. The seven other injured military personnel were taken to the Womack Army Medical Center to receive treatment.

42 service members have been killed in non-combat training accidents since June

Earlier this week, 15 Marines located in Camp Pendleton along the coast of California were hospitalized during a training incident when an amphibious vehicle ignited into flames.

Over the last three years, 185 service members have been killed in non-combat related accidents. A trend such as this raises questions about military training practices and what can be done to ensure the safety of military personnel in a noncombat environment. While none of the training accidents were directly related to each other, the recent chain of training accidents over the last few months could spur U.S. military officials into examining and rewriting training policies. Military officials face the burden of examining training policies while maintaining the integrity of the training.

The Marine Corps Times reported that 14 Marines and 1 Navy Corpsman were injured

During a meeting, Senator John McCain, “We are killing more of our own people in training than our enemies are in combat” citing that “Four times as many service members died during routine training in the last three years than in combat” while adding that “these incidents demonstrate the current over-taxed state of our military both at home and overseas, [due to] the failure of Congress and the President to give our troops the training, resources and equipment they need.”


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