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The Salty Veterans project is a labor of love, it has been an idea that has gestated for quite a while. This project hopes to unite a community of people who already share one major thing in common, they have served. Not just them though, their friends and family too, because a veterans service affects them too.

What is a Salty Veteran?

In the military, the term ‘salty’ is used to describe one who has “been around” or “seen some shit”. It’s wholeheartedly a term of endearment, also see respect.
Salty means that one is well seasoned and has a good amount of experience to draw upon.

How does this site help veterans?

This site helps veterans by keeping them in the loop regarding changes to current policies that affect them. VA legislature is constantly changing and sometimes it’s hard for veterans to keep up. To put it simply, getting unbiased information to veterans and their families is the goal for this project. Salty Veterans claim no political affiliation and only seeks to keep readers informed on news such as new legislature, military events and humanitarian efforts, and uplifting current events. .

Though this site is primarily a news source, resources such as job resume tips and templates will be available to veterans.

Editorial mission

Before anything is published, facts will be checked, and then checked again. We will try our best to post only factual news with sources provided. If a reader spots a mistake, we are more than open to constructive feedback to make sure the record is set straight.

How do we make money?

We make money through advertisements, but we will never force pop ups on you nor overload you with so many ads that your user experience is impacted negatively.

In the future, we plan on selling merchandise and apparel in the near future, so check back!

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