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Veterans Center – Locate veterans services

Searching for a Veterans Center?

Look no further than the map below to find a Veterans Center near you. The map will display all veterans centers and related organizations such as Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

What is a Veterans center?

Typically the term “veterans center” applies to any facility that is regulated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  VA hospitals and administrative facilities fall under this category, including VA outpatient clinics, community based outpatient clinics, and community living centers.  VA Vocational Rehabilitation facilities also fall under the same category.

To search for centers in other states, you can do so here.

What other types of vet centers are there?

As stated earlier, organizations such as the VFW and DAV fall under the umbrella term of “veterans center.” Vet centers exist to provide support and a sense of camaraderie among veterans in the community. Another organization that assists veterans is National Veterans Homeless Support (NVHS) which is dedicated to providing much needed items such as toiletries to homeless veterans within the community. The American Legion is also a prominent organization within the veterans community, serving as the nation’s “largest wartime veterans service organization.”

To keep up on the latest news in VA policies and legislation check out our VA News section.


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